Monday, October 21, 2013

hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I'm an Elder, Be baptized maybe?.....

October 14, 2013

So, this week was REALLY SLOW..... The weather improved!!!!!!! woohooo sunny, and 80 degrees. Except for yesterday morning, when it was POURING rain, so hard that I couldn't even see my companion who was by my side.  The branch frequency dropped significantly because of the rain. That's what happens when half of the branch walks to church, and the other half rides their bikes. Oh well. 

Me- well this week, I renewed my visa! wooohoooo I was reading the fine print, and if I the mission had waited 2 more weeks, I would have been deported, talk about cutting it close...  I also found out that my return date will be July 22, 2014.  Almost 9 MONTHS! Wah! cadeu missão?!?!?!?  oh well.  

A car passed really close to my companion yesterday and splashed him with a really huge puddle- he got drentched from head to toe. bahahaha, Luckily, We were on division with a couple of members, and I was in Santo Antônio.

We had to cut a ton of our investigators that stopped progressing, so unfortunately, we have almost nobody to teach again.... and I've knocked the majority of the doors in our area (we have 3 neighborhoods here in Osório...) so we decided to focus more in Santo Antônio again.  We figured out how we can double our working hours there, and are going to work better with the members that are living there. Vamos lá!

This last week, we had a really huge let-down, that we are still kind of bummed out about.  We  had an investigator, Jovelina decide that she wants to be baptized.  That was until Saturday night, when her son came over from his house in Viamão, where he was living.... He was able to convince her that she is not ready and that she doesn't know if she really wants to be part of the church.  He got inside of her head and mixed her up so much that she doesn't even remember half of our lessons any more.  I was so extremely bummed, and we tried all that we could but unfortunately, she told us that after what her son had told her, she had no idea if she realy wants what the church has to offer (eternal salvation through holy ordanances?) Well, We were really bummed.   REALLY Bummed.  Anyways, that was the highlight of the week.  

Have an excelent week everybody.  Love helping your Elders.

Elder Eliason

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